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We have developed this exotic and organic egg for you. A core of slow cooked liquorice is surrounded by creamy white chocolate. Fresh and fruity notes of mango blend with sweet vanilla and intense pure liquorice – an irresistible bright tasting experience. Let the light in.


Each crispy, silver speckled egg consists of soft liquorice, silky smooth dulce chocolate and a punch from our raw liquorice powder to tickle your taste buds. Small flakes of sea salt complete the sensory experience. An award winning classic.


Win one of the super limited and iconic danish design chairs dråben™

After what always feels like an endless winter,
we hunger for lights and colors that can break through the dark
and welcome a new season. A brighter season.
A season filled with quirky traditions,
but also creative souls and playful minds,
longing to express their great imaginations.
Imaginations that can break the norms and exist in a perfect, creative chaos.
Because it’s fun.


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