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Although summer this year might look different than before, it can surely taste better than ever.

Enjoy the hidden treasures of nature, in our latest BÆRRIES edition: SEA BUCKTHORN or WILD BLUEBERRY

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Remember how we went hunting for berries,
and spent hours exploring the pristine locations?
We searched for wild blueberries deep in the forest 
and chased sea buckthorn bushes alongside the coast.

Remember back then?
And in case you've forgotten,
the sweet taste of BÆRRIES will bring it all back.


Bushes of orange sea buckthorn berries sparkle from one end of the coast to the other and are known as the lemon of the North. In the bracing wind and faint sunlight, they take on a unique taste of their own. Sea buckthorn provides a fresh distinctive acidity to the sweet liquorice and white chocolate, which is enclosed by a delicate, crispy sugar shell.


Honoring the Scandinavian tradition, these wild blueberries are handpicked from deep within the forest. The blueberries are mild and delicately sweet, yet they add a gentle spark of acidity, perfectly balancing the dulce chocolate surrounding the sweet liquorice center. This product is crispy and light, just like a perfect summer night.

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