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Every year, we improve the CHRISTMAS CALENDAR. And this year is no different!

More never-before-seen tastes

We've developed new unique tastes, that we saved for this year's calendar. 

More stylish than ever

To celebrate its 10 year anniversary, the calendar has gotten a stylish design update.

More SLOW CRAFTED tastes

Our SLOW CRAFTED tastes have been extremely popular in the last year, so we increased the amount in the calendar.


Discover surprising combinations and sensorial taste experiences through a world of blurry lights, glistening sights, sweet delights, and liquorice as the core.

As you count down to Christmas Eve, every surprise comes in packs of two. However, sharing is optional and one is rarely enough…


The calendar is reduced to only a few grams of plastic.


Enjoy crispy surprises and sweet delights every day up to Christmas.


We produce all the liquorice in our factory in Copenhagen, which runs 100 % on green energy.


Each day contains 2 pieces of delicious treats!


Indulge yourself with chocolate, liquorice and fruity flavours together in perfect combination. Gluten and gelatine free.


The CHRISTMAS CALENDAR is the perfect countdown for Christmas Eve.


Hundreds of thousands of happy customers enjoyed our Christmas Calendar.

The CHRISTMAS CALENDAR is the perfect countdown for Christmas Eve.

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"Best advent calendar I’ve ever had!"

This is my first Lakrids product and I will definitely be ordering again next year, it's a great way to try all the different flavours. Good packaging, all recyclable but feels like quality and tastes amazing.

- Jan

"Amazing gift"

Great looking advent calendar with two yummy treats on the side. Amazing products as always from Lakrids by Bülow.

- My

"A high quality product in every way"

The packaging is very well thought out and stylish and the liquorice is exceptionally good, it has a true artisan feel. Without a doubt the best I have ever tasted.

- Elina



Do you have questions? We have answers!

When do you ship the CHRISTMAS CALENDAR?

Shipping to the UK is usually 5-14 business days. All calendars are produced during summer and with a shelf life until February, so it will be fresh for you to enjoy in December!

How much liquorice is in the CHRISTMAS CALENDAR?

The CHRISTMAS CALENDAR is perfect for 2 people, as every day contains 2 pieces of liquorice. 

What are the flavours inside the CHRISTMAS CALENDAR?

The calendar is full of surprises, so we can't reveal all the flavours. But rest assure, you will find many of our current and former favourites like liquorice with milk chocolate, salted caramel, crispy caramel, passion fruit, salmiak and much much more.

Is the CHRISTMAS CALENDAR share-friendly?

Yes. Every day contains 2 pieces of treats, so it can easily be shared ... if you want to!

Are the flavours/contents the same as last year?

No. The CHRISTMAS CALENDAR will have many of the same flavours that you have come to love, but also new. 

How long is the shelf life?

All calendars are produced during summer and with a shelf life until February, so it will be fresh for you to enjoy in December!

Does the calendar contain gluten or gelatine?

No. The Christmas calendar is free from gluten and gelatine.

How should I store the CHRISTMAS CALENDAR?

The calendar should be stored in a dark and cool room (20-23 °C is okay). Keep away from moisture and heat. 


The CHRISTMAS CALENDAR is designed with our 7.2 cm measure in mind. The calendar size is (28,8 cm x 28,8 cm x 7,2 cm). Exactly the same height as a small jar and double the width/length as a regular jar.

Will there be a FAMILY CALENDAR this year?

No. We have not made a FAMILY CALENDAR this year. So you can buy 2 or more calendars for the family if you want the whole family to enjoy liquorice!

What do you mean by sustainability?

We believe that by recycling our materials, we can help create less waste - and reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible. Our sustainable advent calendar is a step on the way to a more sustainable, circular production system in which we retain resources and minimise waste.

Do you plan to focus more on sustainability in the future?

Yes, we’re currently exploring how we can optimise our processes and become more sustainable in the future. The Christmas Calendar is just the first small step towards a more sustainable production system. Read more at

Why is the price higher than last year?

We work hard to improve the calendar every year and this year we added more SLOW CRAFTED tastes, more unique and never-before-seen tastes, increased the content and gave the calendar a design update to celebrate its 10 year anniversary. So we had to increase the price slightly.

What’s the right way to recycle the CHRISTMAS CALENDAR?

You can dispose of the calendar in a cardboard container. The small bags containing the product goes into plastic waste.

Sustainable luxury


Cardboard: Our calendar is made from 75 % recycled FSC® certified greyboard paper (thick grey paper). The paper has an FSC Mix label, which means that the wood within the product is from FSC-certified forests, recycled material, or controlled wood. (FSC® N002924)

Waste management: Cardboard waste

Inserts: The inserts found inside the calendar when opened, are made from 100 % Paper Pulp. Paper pulp is made from primary recycled paper mixed with fibers from wood.

Waste management: Cardboard waste

Product packaging: The small bags containing the products in the calendar are made from 58 % bio-based (or plant-based) material. This means that the plastic bag is not produced by fossil fuels (non-bio plastic is usually made by chemicals sourced from fossil fuels). Our Bio-based plastic is made from sugar canes.

Waste management: Plastic waste



We cannot reveal the exact tastes and flavours of the treats. But you can be sure to enjoy crispy surprises and sweet delights every day up to Christmas.

All the liquorice treats are cooked in our factory in Copenhagen. Every day contains at least 2 pieces of delicious treats, so it's very share-friendly.

The CHRISTMAS CALENDAR is the perfect countdown for Christmas Eve!



55% dulce, white, dark and milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, cocoa mass, whey powder, milk fat, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural flavours), treacle, sugar, rice flour, invert sugar syrup, glucose syrup, 2.6% raw liquorice, fruit powders (passion fruit, raspberry, wild blueberry, sea buckthorn, strawberry, mango, blackberry, blackcurrant, banana, lemon juice (freeze-dried)), cocoa butter, agave syrup, salt, rapeseed oil, glazing agents (gum arabic, shellac, carnauba wax, beeswax), sunflower oil, stabilizer: gum arabic, roasted coffee beans (kenya, kieni), colours (iron oxide, calcium carbonate, carotenes, titanium dioxide, carmine, curcumin, beetroot red), ammonium chloride, cinnamon (ground), caramel (sugar, glucose syrup, cream, salted butter, skimmed milk powder, sea salt), dextrose, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, natural flavours, anise oil, cream (cream powder (freeze-dried), natural flavour), acid: malic acid, alkalized cocoa, coconut oil, coconut fat, vanilla. Minimum 32 % cocoa solids. Gluten free. Protect from heat and moisture. 

Winter Limited Edition

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