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F FOR FAMILY It all started with A. And now we welcome F. Sweet like A, B, C, and D, but also daring to stand out from the rest of the family. The sea salt flakes may remind you of E, but dark chocolate is new in this family tree.

Families come in many forms. In 2009, we introduced our chocolate coated liquorice family, which has since grown. Each member with a unique personality and clearly defined role. But with a unified goal.

No matter the colour or composition, liquorice is always the precondition. Some sweet and delicate, while others salty and feisty. From fruity filled to coffee covered. Many unique talents waiting to be discovered.

A family that is greater than the sum of its parts. Now an even stronger clan. To make the world love liquorice continues to be their plan.


The ultimate pairing of soft sweet liquorice, smooth dark chocolate and small sea salt flakes meet in this new instant favourite - F.

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