Transform your cooking with liquorice

Liquorice is good in many things, but have you tried it in your cooking? Liquorice must be used with caution as a spice, the same way as using salt. Too much salt can ruin a tasteful dish and the same goes for liquorice - a little bit goes a long way.

We have a fine and coarse version of liquorice used as an ingredient for cooking. The fine one is good as an all-round spice in dishes or even on top of desserts and cakes. The coarse version works best on top of desserts and cakes, where you would want to add some texture to the sensual food experience.

Our liquorice sirup is perfect for smoothies, drinks, and of course on top of ice cream. The sirup is available in different varieties - sweet, salt, extra salt, and Bourbon vanilla. The different ways you can use liquorice are endless! If you are searching for inspiration on how to use liquorice in cooking, click here.